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Handheld game consolesEdit

Manufacturer Platform Released Sales
Nintendo Nintendo DS 2004 154.02 million
Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color1989 and
118.69 million
Sony PlayStation Portable 2004 82 million
Nintendo Game Boy Advance 2001 81.51 million
Nintendo Nintendo 3DS 2011 59.79 million
Sony PlayStation Vita 2012 13 million
Sega Game Gear 1990 10.62 million
Nokia N-Gage 2003 3 million
Coleco Mini-Arcade 1982 3 million[1]
SNK Playmore Neo-Geo Pocket 1998 2 million
NEC TurboExpress 1990 1.5 million
Sega Nomad 1995 1 million


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  • Other numbers used from related Wikipedia page

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