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  • Astrogamer

    This blog post will list various game sales that I find since they don't fit very well anywhere else. 

    • Rocket League - 10.5m - March 2017 - Source
    • Cities Skylines - 3.5m - March 2017 - Source
    • Shovel Knight - 1.2m - April 2016 -Source
    • Gunman Clive - 400k - Feb 2015 -Source
    • Persona 5 - 1.5 million - April 2017 - Source
    • Nier Automata - 1 million - April 2017 -Source
      • 500k+ in Asia Source
    • Bravely Second - 700k - April 2017 - Source
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  • Astrogamer

    Adopting the wiki

    September 22, 2015 by Astrogamer

    Hey, any active community on this wiki, since this wiki has been missing an admin for 2 years now, I'm considering adopting this wiki. I mainly want to do this to clean out the spam. I am already one of the admins at Nintendo wiki so I wouldn't misuse my power. Comment on how you feel about this and if you do or don't think I should.

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  • Mrlunt

    Front Mission sales

    April 23, 2011 by Mrlunt

    DS Front Mission sold 57,153 Japan

    PS Front Mission 2 sold 496,200 Japan

    PS Front Mission 3 sold 298,342 Japan

    PS Front Mission Alternative sold 160,00 Japan

    PS2 Front Mission 4 sold 169,606 Japan

    PS2 Front Mission 5 sold over 3 million in Japan

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  • W3stfa11

    The March NPD sales figures for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are available now.

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  • W3stfa11

    The three companies release their quarterly reports for the 2010 fiscal year.

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