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Chart-Track is a market research company that monitors music, videos and software sales in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark and was formed in 1996. GfK International acquired the firm on July 7, 2008.[1][2] and the name was officially changed to GfK ChartTrack. The All-Formats Chart began in 1997.[1]

Weekly sales data is released every Monday at 5pm British time or 12pm (noon) Eastern time zone. Reports are delayed one day during Bank holidays.

Chart Track collects data from roughly 7000 retail stores or approximately 90% of the UK market.[3] The firm intends to include digital sales in its chart.[4]

Famitsu occasionally releases the top 10 software numbers for UK.

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Market research
NPD Group (U.S.) · Media Create (Japan) · Famitsu (Japan) · Chart-Track and GfK (Europe)

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