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Chart-Track sales data for the UK for January 2008

  1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360/PS3/PC/DS) Activision
  2. FIFA ‘08 (PS2/360/PS3/PSP/WII/PC/DS) EA
  3. The Simpsons Game (360/PS2/DS/WII/PSP/PS3) EA
  4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) Sega
  5. Assassin’s Creed (PS3/360) Ubisoft
  6. Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training (DS) Nintendo
  7. More Brain Training (DS/Wii) Nintendo
  8. Need For Speed: Prostreet (360/PS2/PS3/Wii/PC/DS) EA
  9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2/360/PS3/PC) Konami
  10. Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock (PS2/360/PS3/Wii/PC) Activision
  11. Burnout Paradise (360/PS3) EA
  12. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 (360/PS2/PS3/WII/PSP/DS) THQ
  13. Cooking Mama (DS) 505 Games
  14. Wii Play (Wii) Nintendo
  15. The Golden Compass (DS/PS2/Wii/PSP/PS3/360) Sega
  16. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Nintendo
  17. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (Wii/PS3/360/PS2/PSP/DS/PC) EA
  18. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii/DS/360/PS3) LucasArts
  19. New Super Mario Bros (DS) Nintendo
  20. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii) Nintendo

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