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Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in North America) is a franchise created by Enix (now Square-Enix). The series have been commercially and critically successful; it is the on the best selling video game franchise, with more than 66 million units sold as of March 2015.[1][2] Along with Final Fantasy and Pokemon, it is one of the most popular RPG franchises in Japan. It usually only goes to the system with the largest install base. Additionally, there's an unsubstantiated rumor that Japan passed a law that Dragon Quest games couldn't be released on a weekday due to the number of people that would call in "sick" that day.

Main seriesEdit

Dragon Quest (main series)
Year Title Platforms Sales
Sales Breakdown
1986 Dragon Quest NES 2
1987 Dragon Quest II NES 2.55
  • JP: 2.4 million
  • US: 150,000[3]
1988 Dragon Quest III 6.045
  • JP: 5.95 million[4]
  • NES: 3.895 million
    • JP: 3.8 million
    • US: 95,000[3]
  • SNES: 1.4 million (JP)
1990 Dragon Quest IV 5.84
  • NES: 3.18 million
    • JP: 3.1 million
    • US: 80,000[3]
  • PS1: 1.2 million (JP)
  • NDS: 1.46 million[5]
    • JP: 1.24 million
1992 Dragon Quest V 5.93
  • SNES: 2.8 million (JP)
  • PS2: 1.64 million (JP)
  • NDS: 1.49 million
1993 Dragon Quest I & II
  • SNES
  • GB
  • JP: 1.92 million[4]
    • SNES: 1.2 million
1995 Dragon Quest VI
  • SNES
  • NDS
  • SNES: 3.2 million (JP)
  • NDS: 1.2 million (JP)[8]
2000 Dragon Quest VII PS1 4.12
  • JP: 4.12 million
2004 Dragon Quest VIII PS2 4.44
  • JP: 3.6 million
  • EU: 410,000
  • NA: 430,000
2009 Dragon Quest IX NDS
TBA Dragon Quest X Wii


Dragon Quest (spin-offs)
Year Platform Title Sales
1998 GBC Dragon Quest Monsters
  • JP: 2.35 million
2001 GBC Dragon Quest Monsters 2
  • JP: 1.593 million
2006 NDS Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
  • JP: 1.47 million
2008 Wii Dragon Quest Swords
  • JP: 490,000

Dragon Quest IXEdit

Dragon Quest IX was announced for the Nintendo DS portable system on December 12, 2006, marking the first time a main series entry releasing exclusively on a handheld. At the time, it was considered a "megaton."[1]

Dragon Quest XEdit

Dragon Quest X was announced for the Wii on December 10, 2008, exactly two years after Square-Enix announced Dragon Quest IX would be going to the Nintendo DS. This unexpected announcement, considered a "megaton", will bring a much needed high-caliber RPG on the Wii.[2] Prior to the announcement, there were rumors of a DQIX port to the Wii.


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