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All news and rumors related to future systems including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and the portable systems, PlayStation Vita (PSV) and Nintendo 3DS.  Preliminary expectations, prognostications, speculation on when the next-generation of video game consoles and portable systems will arrive and what features they will contain (those following PS3/360/Wii and DS/GBA/PSP).

Current-gen release dates for reference

  • 360 - Nov. 2005 (yearly motherboard updates)
  • PS3/Wii - Nov. 2006
  • DS - Nov. 2004, DSLite - Mar. 2006, DSi - November 2008
  • PSP - Dec. 2004, PSP Slim - Sept. 2007, PSP-3000 - October 2008
  • GBA - Mar. 2001, GBA SP - Feb. 2003

PS3 is expected to have a 10 year lifetime. This, however, does not mean the PS4 won't arrive until 2016. The PS4 and PS3 can coexist, just like the PS2 is supported over two years after PS3's release.


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Xbox 720 · Xbox 540 · Xbox 720 · Xbox 1080 · Xbox Direct · Xbox 3 XBOX ECCO - Xbox 360 Delta

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Wii U, Wii 2, "Wii Too", Wii HD, Super Wii, Project Cafe, Nintendo Stream

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Dreamcast 2Edit

Dreamcast 2, Sega Phoenix, Sega RingEdge, Sega RingWide, Sega Nemesis, Sega Titan, Sega Zone

Nintendo 3DSEdit


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