Game Boy is a handheld released by Nintendo in 1989.


  • Worldwide
    • March 2009: 118 million [1] (These include all the revisions)

Best Selling Games Edit

  1. Pokémon Red and Blue(31.38 million)
  2. Tetris (30.26 million)
  3. Pokémon Gold & Silver (23.10 million)
  4. Super Mario Land (18.14 million)
  5. Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition (14.64 million)
  6. Super Mario Land 2 (11.18 million)
  7. Pokémon Crystal (Exclusive to Game Boy Color) (6.39 million)
  8. Dr. Mario (5.34 million)
  9. Pokémon Pinball (Exclusive to Game Boy Color) (5.31 million)
  10. Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (5.19 million)

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