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Media Create is a Japanese company that "gathers and analyzes data from the digital entertainment industry, specifically focusing on the Japanese console gaming market. It is a popular website for people interested in learning the latest video game software and hardware sales figures from Japan. Although a Japanese website, the Media Create website offers some content in English. The weekly sales go from Monday until Sunday midnight. Media Create covers roughly 57% of the Japanese market.[1]

Media Create competes with Enterbrain's Famitsu in the market for providing Japanese game sales data.

  • Software numbers are typically posted on Wednesday nights at about midnight Eastern.
  • Hardware numbers are typically posted Thursday nights at about 9:20 PM Eastern. (Note: Famitsu posts their HW numbers on Wednesday morning and they're often a good indication of Media Create's numbers)

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Market research
NPD Group (U.S.) · Media Create (Japan) · Famitsu (Japan) · Chart-Track and GfK (Europe)

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