Rhythm Heaven is a franchise by Nintendo released on the GBA, DS and Wii with a new entry coming to the 3DS.

Rhythm Tengoku Edit

Rhythm Tengoku is the first game in the series, released on the GBA though exclusive to Japan. Sales started slow with only 37,473 in launch week. However, sales stayed consistent that by mid December 2006, the game had already sold 264,000 copies.

Rhythm Heaven Edit

Rhythm Heaven is the Nintendo DS video game and it has done astonishingly well. As of December 2008, the game has only been released in Japan, and has gone on to sell a whopping 1,200,000 copies. Nintendo plans to release the game worldwide in 2009. On its first week on sale, the game managed to surpass the 200,000 mark, and continued to remain at a healthy position in the charts for months. The following two weeks after its launch it continued to have sales of well over 100,000 copies sold. The game sold a total of 3.04 million with its worldwide release

Rhythm Heaven Fever Edit

It was the first console entry. Though it all together failed to surpass 1 million, the game performed well in Japan, selling 654,403 in total in Japan.

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