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Sonic the Hedgehog or just Sonic is the primary franchise from Sega. The first game in the franchise was released on June 23, 1991. Since then, Sonic has become one of the world's best-known video game characters, with his series having sold over 80 millions of copies as of 2011.

Sales data from List of best-selling video games (Wikipedia)

Year Platform Title Sales
(in Millions)
Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 4 million
Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 6 million
Sega Genesis Sonic & Knuckles 1.24 million in U.S.
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 1.02 million in US
Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 2.5 million
Sonic Mega Collection 1.44 million in US
Sonic Heroes 1.08 million in US
Mobile Sonic the Hedgehog 8 million
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle about 1.632 (1.44 US, 192,186 JPN)
GBA Sonic Advance about 1.415 (1.21 US, 204,542 in Japan)
Sonic Mega Collection about 1.453 (1.38 US, 72,967 in Japan)
2007 Wii, NDS Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 5 million total, 3.4 million (Wii), ? (NDS)
Sonic and the Secret Rings 1.2 million
2008 Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 Sonic Unleashed Not yet released
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