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Street Fighter is one of the best selling franchises and it is owned by Capcom. There are over 80 titles in this series, combining to sell about 38 million units


These are all the Street Fighter games with over 1 million in sales [1]

Year Platform Title Sales
(in Millions)
1992 SNES Street Fighter II: The World Warriors 6.30
1993 SNES Street Fighter II Turbo 4.10
1993 Genesis Street Fighter II' Plus 1.65
1994 SNES Super Street Fighter II 2.00
1998 PlayStation Street Fighter Alpha 3 1.00
2009 PS3 / 360 Street Fighter IV 3.40
2010 PS3/360 Super Street Fighter IV 1.90
2011 3DS Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition 1.20
2011 PS3/360 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 1.10
2012 PS3/ 360 Street Fighter X Tekken 1.80
2016 PS4/ PC Street Fighter V 1.4

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