Tomodachi Collection is a series from Nintendo that started on the DS and was introduced to the West with the second entry.

Year Platform Title Sales
(in Millions)
2009 DS Tomodachi Collection 3.76
2013 3DS Tomodachi Life 6.20[1]

Tomodachi Collection Edit

Tomodachi Collection released somewhat late in the DS life cycle but still sold well with 3.76 million. It was released exclusively in Japan.

Tomodachi Life Edit

At first, Tomodachi Life was a Japan exclusive sold as Tomodachi Collection: New Life. This did not hold back sales as it sold 404,858 in the first week and it sold 1.85 million with 1,580,067 at retail in 2013. In 2014, it was still selling though at a lower rate, with only 126,000 units for the year according to Famitsu.

In the United States, the game sold 175k in the month of its release and over 400k at retail for 2014. In France, it sold 439k for 2014 and is currently above 450k.[2] In Germany, it sold over 200 thousand. In the West, it roughly sold 1.15 million by the end of September. By November, it sold over 1 million. In Europe, it sold over 2 million in March 2016[3]

References Edit