Several video game conventions and trade shows are held every year.

  • Game Developers Conference (GDC) Attendance: 17,000[1]
Held mid-March, 2008
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)- although not as important as it used to be, it is still one of the major expos of the year. Private only. Attendance: 41,000[2]
Held July 15-17, 2008 (varies per year)
  • Leipzig Games Convention (GC) - the Games Convention rivals the Tokyo Game Show as the biggest games event in the world. Attendance: 203,000[3]
Held August 21-24, 2008
  • Tokyo Game Show (TGS) - Private for 2 days, public for last 2 days. One of the biggest games event, even larger attendance than E3. Attendance: 195,000[4]
Held October 9 to 12 October, 2008 (varies per year)
  • BlizzCon - Blizzard only show. Attendance: 26,000[5]
Held October 10-11, 2008 (varies per year)
  • Entertainment for All (E for All) - a companion to E3, open to the public. Merged back with E3. Attendance: 18,000[6]
Held October 3-5, 2008 (always in early October)
  • GamesCom - major gaming convention in Germany. Attendance: 245,000[7]
Held mid August


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