Wii Play is a Wii set of minigames bundled with a Wii Remote. Released on launch day in Japan and Europe, but not until February in North America.

NPD counts it as a video game, although others argue it should be counted as an accessory as Link's Crossbow Training is, which included the Wii Zapper peripheral.

As of May 2008, Wii Play has been in the Top 10 chart for 16 consecutive months.

Wii Play salesEdit

U.S. monthly sales

February 07 - 371K
March 07 - 273K
April 07 - 249K
May 07 - 227K
June 07 - 293K
July 07 - 278K
August 07 - 257K
September 07 - 282K
October 07 - 240K
November 07 - 564K
December 07 - 1.1 million
January 08 - 298K
February 08 - 290K
March 08 - 410K
April 08 - 360K
May 08 - 295K

LTD - 5.8 million

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