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The Wii Series of games includes those developed by Nintendo that are intended to appeal to a wider audience on the Wii console.

Wii Series sales figures (source: List of best-selling video games)
Year Title Sales
(in Millions)
2006 Wii Sports 82.69 (October 2015)[1]
2007 Wii Play 28.02 (October 2015)[1]
2008 Wii Fit 22.67 (October 2015)[1]
2008 Wii Music 2.86 (December 2014)
2009 Wii Sports Resort 32.87 (October 2015)[1]
2009 Wii Fit Plus 21.11 (October 2015)[1]
2010 Wii Party 9.15 (October 2015)[1]
2011 Wii Play Motion 1.64 (December 2014)
2013 Wii Party U 1.58 (October 2015)[2]

Famitsu Japan sales through Oct. 2008 (Image courtesy of ChartGet!)

Wii SportsEdit

Wii PlayEdit

Wii PartyEdit

A game that was released in Japan in June 2010, America on 3rd October 2010 and in Europe on October 5, 2010

Wii FitEdit

Wii MusicEdit


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